Monday, November 16, 2015

Keeping the Conversation Going: The Best Twitter Chats for Healthcare Engagement

Just over a year ago I received an invitation from Kareo, Inc. to participate in their on-line Tweet Chat. Suspecting that I would spend more time viewing and less time engaging, I accepted the offer as a professional courtesy. You see, initially I saw no real value in Tweet chats other than the obvious use, selling the benefits of some product or service. That misguidance aside, I joined in.To my surprise, I found the chat very engaging.

In the past year, I've been asked to participate in many chats. I don't participate in all of them but with  regard to my subject-matter, Twitter chats offer a platform to discuss real problems affecting patients, providers, and regulators. The platform also offers a way to discuss emerging health care technologies and care delivery models. Twitter offers one of the only communities wherein patients can actually discuss care delivery with those who design, regulate and deliver their care. That said I've compiled a list of Twitter chats that I feel are most beneficial to participants and, whose feedback offers the best opportunity to continue the conversation and make real change. By the way, if you partake in any chats, say hello. I'm @ShereesePubHlth

Weekly Chats

  1. Monday 2p.m. ET: #HealthcareChat: this is a learning chat, often with opportunities to access free resources from guests.
  2. Tuesday 8:30p.m. ET: #HCLDR (health care leader): Definitely one of my favorite professional chats, the information packs a punch and encourages further engagement. If you want to stay informed, go here, do this.
  3. 1st Tuesday of the month 12n ET: #HITMC (health Information Technology Marketing Community): this is for industry professionals. The conversation is robust and moves fast. Bring your knowledge; leave the hubris. Everyone here is a pro.
  4. 4th Tuesday of the month 2p.m. #HomeHealthChat: Patients and providers abound, this one packs a punch. the patients are well informed, the professionals are well informed, and everyone here is transparent. You shouldn't miss this one.
  5. 3rd Wednesday of the month 2p.m. ET: #HealthITChicks: What I love about this chat is all the event listings. Group dedication is sometimes questionable though. You may get more fruitful engagement out of #HITsm but you won't get more diversity.
  6. Wednesday 2p.m. ET: #AskAware: This is a sponsored chat, thus the name. What's great about the chat is the sharing of patient devices and emerging trends. There's also a great possibility that the company will simultaneously be on-topic via Periscope.
  7. Thursday 12n ET: #Kareochat: #Kareochat is hands-down the best industry-related chat out there. The chats are heavy on small provider technologies and patient engagement but heavy on useful information. The invitees usually come with support data and humor. This is my favorite subject-matter community and I make the chats no matter where I am in the world. I've even hosted a few. 
  8. 4th Thursday of the month 7p.m. ET: #CMIOchat. This chat needs to pick up some steam pretty quickly if it's going to attract sustainable health care community engagement.  I'm reserving my opinion in this one.
  9. Thursday 7p.m ET: HERChat: This chat is heavy on condition-specific health care info. It competes with #CMIOchat once a month but manages to hold on to heavy engagement. You can get some very useful advice in this chat.
  10. Friday 12n ET: #HITsm. This is my Friday must-do chat. Don't let the tech notation fool you; this chat is great for anyone who's trying to build a health care industry on-line community. This chat offer a lot in the way of community engagement and professional advice. What's also great is the possibility of joining in a related blab post-chat. If you can tweet in on a day when Dr. Chuck Webster & Dr. James Legan are participating, you're going to get a lot of bang and humor for your buck. Other notable geniuses are Ryan Lucas and @TechGuy, John Lynn. Not to be outdone by the guys, I'm also a frequent participant. 
  11. Every other Friday 1p.m. ET: #Patientchat: This is a great chat that's focused on improving the patient experience. Talks include care transitions and doctor-patient communications. This is chat is picking up steam and encourages professional and patient engagement. 
  12. 2nd Friday of the month 2p.m. ET: #PatientPref: You need to do your homework prior to this chat. It is very topic-specific and professionals usually host/moderate. I like the chat for the professional decorum and an attention to verifiable facts.
  13. Sunday 9p.m.ET: #hcsm (health care social media): Hold on to your medical journal, this one gets a little preachy. Check the topic prior to jumping in. the professionals here are not afraid to show the courage of their convictions and their level of expertise. I love this chat for the information shared but admittedly, participants could stand to lighten up a little. "We're just chatting, folks".
There are other chats out there, but for useful insights, credible information, and robust engagement, this is the list. Next month we'll look at some of the best non-healthcare-related chat that health care professionals should be checking out. If you like the list, have something to add to the list, or just plain hate the list, be a friend and share the list. Thank you for taking the time. I'm going off to save the health care profession, one socially-challenged provider at a time. You come too!