Thursday, May 12, 2016

HIT Crush Thursday: Finding Solutions that actually solve problems for independent practices

If you've been following along, you know I've been obsessively searching for health IT solutions for my behavioral health and small provider practice clients. This is no easy task. First, small practices generally lack the resources to invest in comprehensive IT solutions. Second the notion of adopting new technology and having the talent to manage it can seem daunting to a provider. Last, providers aren't marketing professionals; they're clinicians for the most part. They need simple solutions and someone to bottom-line ROI expectations for them. Add to this the need for ongoing support and continued learning options and what you have is an enormous mountain to climb. That being the case, I've been reviewing small practice solutions and I think I've identified one I can endorse.
Kareo is a provider of tech-enabled practice solutions for small providers. Being from the west coast, Kareo has their head in the clouds. Cloud-based and optimized for mobile practice management, Kareo is proving to be a credible player in the provider solution field. Not a company to rest on their growing reputation, Kareo recently announced the launch of what they claim is the first and only complete, seamlessly integrated tech platform, built for the specific needs of independent provider practices. Oh really, I said, "I'll be the judge of that!" And so off I went to YouTube and what I found had me not only glued to my screen, but also to my tablet, researching everything about Kareo's Go solutions. Having spent the last couple of days testing and stalking, I'm going to go ahead and call it; "I've got a crush on you, Sweetie Pie".
I won't go into a full review of the product; there's an excellent demo option by way of Kareo's website. You can find it here: Just click on the link to schedule a demo. That being said, here's what I like about Kareo's solution that will resonate with small and independent practices:
  1. Use-friendly website: Kareo's landing page is designed for ease of poking around and finding the right information for the right provider type. There's little guess work in finding what you need. Also, users have a chat option on every page. The layout and ease of navigation is as comfortable as a couch your favorite coffee shop. 
  2. Billing Analytics: A lot of solution providers offer analysis but what make Kareo's different is the ability to look at "How much did I bill" and "How much did I collect" with custom time periods. Why is this important? Independent providers have non-traditional growth periods. For example: community practices should see an increase in patient traffic from March to May of their fiscal year. "Why is that," you might ask. I'd tell you but that's not the focus of this post so pay attention! The ability to isolate time periods lets providers target the right information and not spend unnecessary time that could otherwise be spent taking care of patients. This is a great feature.
  3. Marketing option: Kareo's model offers a way for patient contact to be noninvasive post visit, at which time all critical physician scoring is done. That is to say, the patient can provide
    feedback, can post to social media, can get feedback, and can make additional appointments. Score! What's different about Kareo? The coaching offered by Kareo's team explains the importance of this function in a way providers can easily understand and I believe it will aid in employee and provider buy-in. 
  4. Price point: The Kareo solution offers discounts for multi-user engagement and for non-physician stakeholders. This is very important for diverse provider-types. It’s rare that everyone involved in management practice is a physician. Offering plans for non-physician providers makes this solution a smart and economical choice for independent practices. What’s different about Kareo? The prices are very indicative of Kareo's mission to bring tech within reach of independent practices and "to free doctors' hands for the important work of patient care"(Kareo, 2015).

So that's it; give me a simple solution that's packed with value and a hint of ongoing support and I'm on board.  You can visit Kareo's website here: and look for my follow-up on this post. I'm having my providers tell me what they think. Go forth and care!

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